The People that make this Project Possible . . .

Hon. W. Hardy McCollum - Probate Judge
Ms. Magaria H. Bobo - Circuit Court Clerk

Jim Anderson - Alabama Genealogical Society
John Boyd
Jim Crowder
Emily M Deal
Jessie Ellard
Elisa Ember
Diedra Free
Tony Fretwell
Linda Friday
Ann Fulmer
Chuck Gerdau
Helen Hahn
Lindsey Hansen
Chare Hester
Gail House
Arthur Howington
Jan Hutchison
Mary Ann Izatt
Alice Jones
Joyce Lamont
Robert Lancaster
Geneva Lankford
Janet McElroy
Carolyn R McGee
Jean Mills
Jacque Otts
Beth Page
June Reese
Mark Scogin
Morris Simon
Margaret Smith
Robert Spencer
Warren Spruill
Brenda Thomas
Charlotte S Tucker
Tom Turley - Alabama Dept of Archives & History
Charles Walker
Carolyn Wiggins

If you are one of our volunteers and we have inadvertantly forgotten to add your name to this list, or you have another photo that you would prefer, or you would rather not have your photo or name listed, please email John Boyd at ( and let us know your preferences.

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